Battle Beneath the Earth 1967 Lt. Cmdr. Vance Cassidy)
The Bedford Incident (1965, Lieutenant Hacker, small part)
Born to Ride (1991, Dr. Tate,
Brass Target (1978, Colonel Elton F. Stewart)
The Bunny Caper (1973, American politician)
Calliope (1993)
The Devil's Web
Diamonds Are Forever (1971, Klaus Hergersheimer)
The Fifth Missile
Funny Man (1994, card player)
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (aka Doppelganger)
(1969, David Poulson, minor role)
Judgement in Berlin (1988)
Living Planet (1979, narration by Ed)
Lolita (1962, film debut, ambulance attendant
The Lonely Lady (1983, Dr. Baker
Lords of Discipline (1983, Commerce St. Croix,
Madame Claude (1976, CIA agent
Man in the Middle (1964, Lieutenant at Sikri)
Mouse on the Moon (1963, American astronaut
Nutcracker (1983, diplomat)
The Other Side of Venus
Pets (1973, Vincent Stackman,
The Recruit
Restless Natives (1985)
Saturn 3 (1980, Harding,
Silver Dream Racer (1980, Al Peterson)
S.O.S. Titanic (1979 made for TV movie, Henry Harris)
Testimony (1987, American Commentator)
Three Wishes for Jamie (1986)
Turnaround (1986)
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1976, Major Fox)
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, lunar shuttle pilot,
The War Lover (1962, film debut, Col. Vogt, minor role)
Whoops Apocalypse (1984, Wink Perelman)
You Only Live Twice (1967, radar operator)



Hiroshima (2005) Stimson

The Adventurer ("Miss Me Once", Wayne)
The American Civil War (Narrator)
Anne of Avonlea (2 episodes, Judson Parker)
After the War
The Baker Street Boys
The Baron (1968, "Storm Warning Pt 2: The Island",
An American Naval Officer)
Because the Sets are Cheaper
Breakaway ("The Local Affair", Scott Douglas)
Cadbury Wispa Ad (80s, TV commercial, US president)
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967, Captain Blue
Carrott Confidential
The Cases of Sherlock Holmes ("A Study in Scarlet", Joseph Strongerson)
The Cedar Tree ("Fete Accompli", Earl Mulligan)
Chocky's Children (Dr. Deacon)
Court Martial (1969, "Shadow of a Man")
Colditz ("Liberation", Lt. Colonel Harrity)
The Day After Tommorow (1973, one hour special, narrator)
Drama 61 ("The Edge of Truth")
Dick Turpin ("Dick Turpin's Greatest Adventure", Sam Harding)
The Fall of Edward Barnard (Edward Barnard)
The Fifth Missile, (1986 TV movie, Stewart Cullinane)
The First Olympics - Athens 1896 (1983 mini-series,
French and Saunders Christmas Special (1993)
The Girls of Slender Means (2 episodes, Felix Dobell)
Great Mysteries ("Complements of the Season", The Millionaire)
It Aint Half Hot Mum
Jackanory (tells the story of "The Hawkesone"five 15 minute episodes
Jif Dessert Topping Ad (1977, TV commercial, narrator)
Just Fine (the Director)
Just Good Friends (American tourist)
Katy (6 episodes, Dr. Phillip Carr)
Land of the Eagle (narration)
The Les Denis Laughter Show
Life at Stake ("Houston, We've Got a Problem!", Jim Lovell)
The Mad Death (episode#1, Tom Siegler)
Man in a Suitcase (1964, "The Boston Square", American agent)
Marlowe - Private Eye ("Finger Man", District Attorney)
Marked Personal (4 episodes, Howard Morris)
Master of the Game (1984 mini series, Dr. Mattson)
Nurse Will Make it Better (1984 TV movie, Carson)
Nutcracker (1982)
("Whatever Happened to Cardinal Wolsey?",1990 Ed Burbank)
Oppenheimer (7 part production, Gen. Tom Farrell)
Out of the Unknown (1969, "Beach Head", Cmdr. Tom Drecker)
Oil Strike North ("Deadline", Bob Patterson)
Orson Welles' Great Mysteries ("Compliments of the Season", The Millionaire)
Portrait of a Lady (1967, Casper Goodwood)
The Professionals ("Long Shot", Dr. Harbinger, several scenes,
The Professionals "Man Without a Past", Braddock, several scenes
The Protectors (1971?, "First Circle"
Col. John Hunter, main guest star)
Quiller: Prince of Violence (1975, TV Movie, Frank Ilroy)
Rogues' Rock (5 episodes, Cyrus Triphammer)
"The Saint The Man Who Liked Lions", Tony Allard,
"The Saint Bids Diamonds",George Felson, 1964,
"The Saint Steps In", Cy Imberline, 1964,
"The Revolution Racket", Sherm Inkler, major part)
The South Bank Show
Stainless Steel and the Star Spies (voice)
Star Trek (1973, animated, "The Magicks of Megus-Tu", Asmodeus
The Strange Report (1968, "Murder Shrieks Out", Moran)
S.O.S. Titanic (1979, Henry Harris)
Space Precinct trailer (1994?, narrator)
Take a Letter Mr. Jones (1981, Joe Bradley,
The Two Ronnies (voice only)
Three Wishes for Jamie (1986, TV movie)
Thriller ("Nurse Will Make it Better", Carson)
Two's Company ("The Honeymoon", Jack)
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles (1987, TV movie in 2 parts,
Top of the Pops (with Landscape performing 'Norman Bates')
UFO (1969-1970, Cmdr. Ed Straker, main character/26 episodes)
War and Remembrance
Warship ("The Man from the Sea", Sanders)
The Way We Live Now
We Can Keep You Forever
What Katy Did 1975, Dr. Philip Carr)
Wild Alliance ("Danny Boy", Wingman)
Whoops Apocalypse (1982, 6 part mini-series, Jay Garrick)
Wynne and Penkovsky
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992, "The Curse of the Jackal", soldier)
plus many voiceovers for television commercials.

American sailor, first acting role)
And People All Around (196?, Somerset)
The Archbishop's Ceiling (1985)
A Boston Story
Broken Glass (1994-95, Stanton Case)
Bye Bye Birdie (1962, understudy & small parts)
Death of a Salesman
Death Trap (80s?, Sydney Bruhl)
The Fatal Weakness (Windsor)
Ffeiffers America (80s?)
Fool For Love (1991, the old man)
Goodnight Mrs Puffin
The Great White Hope (80s?)
Hospitality (1989)
Imagine Drowning (1991, Buddy)
Little May Sunshine (1962, London, American Indian)
Look Homeward Angel (1961, Surrey & London,
Look, No Hands! (London)
Macbird (1966, John F. Kennedy, London)
Man and Superman (1963, Boston)
The Man Who Had All the Luck (1990, Dan Dibble)
Play Mas (London)
The Price (1991)
The Rehearsal (1963, New York)
The Russia House (1994)
Sabrina Fair (Surrey)
Suez (1977 on tour in England)
Turnaround (1994)
Waiting for Lefty..............................




Abraham Lincoln (William H. Steward)
Accidental Murder (1992, Jasper)
Aesop's Animals (1996, Berryman)
The Ambassadors
The Archers (1996, BBC radio 4 daily series)
The Best that Money Can Buy (1994, Hal Weissen)
The Big Sleep (Phillip Marlowe)
The Bostonians (Phillip Marlowe)
The Fifth String (Phillip Marlowe)
The High Window (Phillip Marlowe)
The Lady in the Lake (Phillip Marlowe)
The Little Sister (Phillip Marlowe)
The Long Goodbye (Phillip Marlowe)
Now and at the Hour of our Birth (Phillip Marlowe)
The Third Man (Phillip Marlowe)
Typhoid Mary (Phillip Marlowe)
Bodyguard of Lies (1994)
The Caves of Steel (1989, Elijah Bailey, top billing)
The Dolphinarium (1995, Senator Muldoon)
Eight Ball (Earl Green)
The Enemies Within (Albert Samson)
The Fall of Edward Barnard (Edward Barnard)
The Fwog Pwincess
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (11/1995, Gus Eisman,
How the West Was Sung (various voices)
Letter from Paris (George Flack)
Keys of the Kingdom (1994, Wilbur Fiske
Malgosia and the Men (1994)
Man in Space (Gus)
A Matter of Honour
Medical Detectives (1995, "The Last Infirmity"
Meeting Bea (1993
Mildred Pierce (1993
A Movie Starring Me (1991)
The 95 File (reader for the five 30 minute programs)
An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge (23 Nov 1995, the captain,
Our Town (1995, the Stage Manager)
The Psychedelic Spy (1992, part 3 of 5, Alex Lindstrom)
The Russia House
The Search for Amelia Erhart (Dr. Shaft, Cmdr. Bridwel, Adm. Smith)
Sherlock Holmes: His Last Bow (1994,
Stardust (1992)
The Things that are Caesar's (Raymond Fisk)
The Toff on the Farm (Red Brant/CIA Agent)
Waggoners' Walk (Tony Sargant)
Waiting for Lefty (1994, Dr. Barnes)
The Way We Die Now (Albert Samson)
Willis is Barking (1993?)
The Winter of Our Discontent (1995, Biggers)
American Faith : Richard Milhous Nixon's Road to Watergate (1998, Herman Perry) many radio commercials.



The High Window (Phillip Marlowe)

Accounting for Murder - 6 tapes
Apollo 13 (Life at stake: Houston we have a problem) (Jim Lovell)................
Breakheart Pass - 4 tapes
Caves of Steel
Easter Meditation
Farewell My Lovely (Philip Marlow)
Fires Unseen
The Fwog Pwince
It's a Beautiful Day, by Isaac Asimov
The Long Good Bye (Philip Marlow)
The London Embassy - 6 tapes
The Poseidon Adventure, by Paul Gallico (1994,
Snow White and Rose Red - 4 tapes many more