Born July 13, 1942 in Chicago Illinios and raised in a middle-class suburb. He led an average childhood. He grew up in the Chicago suburbs of Park Ridge and Morton Grove, where his father was an advertising executive producer of TV commercials and sometime radio actor. After discovering drama in college, he was popular with girls but was picked on by school bullies.

Following high school graduation, Harry studied English and philosophy at Ripon College in Wisconsin. He admits he was a lousy student, he began acting while in college. He was expelled from the school three days before graduation because he did not complete his required thesis.

1963 he went to California to become an actor 1964 he married Mary Marquardt; they have two sons, Benjamin born 1967 and Willard born 1969.

A talent scout from Columbia Pictures became aware of Harry at a Laguna Beach stage production, at a little known theatre where they offered him a seven year contract for $150 per week. The studioís attempt to make movie stars out of good looking, unknown young actors and actresses.

He got minor roles in second class movies. He played secondary roles, typically as a cowboy in several films of the late '60's. And in such TV series as Gunsmoke, The Virginian and Ironside. Discouraged with both the roles he was  he was finding it difficult to provide for his young family.

The stubborn, opinionated Harry was fired from Columbia after only 18 months and immediately signed a contract at Universal. and acted in minor roles again. He gave up acting in 1970 and became a carpenter; and taught himself carpentry via library books borrowed from the local library.

Using his recently purchased run-down Hollywood home for practice. Harry proved himself a talented woodworker, and after successfully completing his first contract to build an out-building for Sergio Mendez, he found himself in demand with other Hollywood residents .

He stayed in Los Angeles and near Hollywood. he got the chance to audition for the low-budget American Graffiti 1973 In this surprise commercial success, Harry played a secondary role alongside stars Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfuss.

The most important aspect of that film was that it marked his first collaboration with director George Lucas. Ford's career remained stagnant until Lucas cast him as space pilot Han Solo in the mega hit Star Wars 1977 after which he became a minor star.

The film was the first ever to gross $10 million in its first weekend, and with $300 million in its first year of distribution, it became by far the largest box-office smash in history up until that time. He never signed a contract to do the trilogy. Unlike Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.  Han was put in carbonite in case they couldn't get Harry to come back for "Return of the Jedi". Then they would have an excuse for the lack of Han.

He spent the remainder of the 1970s trapped in mostly forgettable films such as the comedy western The Frisco Kid with Gene Wilder, although he did manage to land the small role of Colonel G. Lucas in Apocalypse Now 1979

The early 80s elevated Harry to major stardom with the combined impact of "The Empire Strikes Back" 1980. And his portrayal of the action-adventure hero Indiana Jones in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" 1981 which proved to be an enormous hit. And in 1984's Indiana Jones the "Temple of Doom" and Indiana Jones and "The Last Crusade" in 1989 

Indiana Jones, transformed the 38 year old into an international sex symbol. It grossed over $231 million and spawned two sequels, 1984ís Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and 1989ís Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, also starring Sean Connery as Jonesís father.

1983 March 14 he married Melissa Mathison. His  Daughter: Georgia was born June 30 1990.His Son Malcolm was born in 1987. Melissa was screenwriter of E.T. and "The Indian in the Cupboard" they met on the set of "Apocalypse Now" 1987.  Harry lives on his own ranch near Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Harry moved beyond popular acclaim with his role as a big city police detective who finds himself masquerading as an Amish farmer to protect a young murder witness in "Witness" 1984. Ford received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his work, as well as the praise of critics who had previously ignored his acting ability.