Having appeared in several of the biggest money-makers of all time,Harry was able to pick and choose his roles in the 80's and '90s Following the success of Witness, Harry re-teamed with the film's director Peter Weir to make a film The Mosquito Coast.

The film met with mixed critical results, and audiences largely stayed away, unused to the idea of their hero playing an insane character. He also made "Frantic", a dark psychological thriller that fared poorly with critics and audiences alike.

Harry had greater success with "Working Girl",1988 a comedy in which he Co starred with Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver. The film was a hit, and displayed Ford's ability to play in a comedy.

Of course, women have always liked the kind faced Harry From the swashbuckling space cowboy Han Solo in Star Wars to the action hero President in Air Force One. Harry Ford has been compared to a modern-day Gary Cooper or Gregory Peck. Filmgoers equate his rugged good looks and low key style with an honest, hard working character.

Harry himself has said that he is attracted to characters who are pretty ordinary but find the courage to do what needs to be done. This ability to pick good characters has led him to a film career that's been going since the late Sixties.

In 1999 November the American Film Institute announced that Harry had been chosen to receive the organization's 28th life achievement award on Feb. 28, 2000.

1990 Harry made the courtroom thriller "Presumed Innocent", which he followed with another Mike Nichols Movie, "Regarding Henry" 1991 This film was a box office flop. However the following year he signed a $50 million contract to play CIA agent Jack Ryan in a series of five films based on the novels of Tom Clancy.

The first two films of the series, Patriot Games 1992 and Clear and Present Danger 1994 met with an overwhelming success mirrored by that of Ford's turn as Dr. Richard Kimball in The Fugitive 1993. Harry's next effort, in 1995 a remake of Sabrina, did not meet similar success, and this bad luck continued with The "Devil's Own" 1997 with Brad Pitt.

However, his other 1997 movie, Air Force One, more than made up for the critical and commercial shortcomings of his past two films, proving that Harry, even at 55 years of age, was still an action hero. In 1999 Harry mixed romance and action to somewhat poor results in director Sydney Pollackís "Random Hearts".

Most recently, he starred with Michelle Pfeiffer in the supernatural thriller "What Lies Beneath" 2000 Harry says this was a fun movie to make and it is not a horror story as some people are saying, just a bit scary

Harry does not like doing interviews and maintains a strict privacy regarding his personal life, but he admits that he gives the impression that he is hard to get on when, but in fact he is not. He and his family have a home in Manhattan and a ranch near Jackson, Wyoming.

He has his pilotís license, owns six aircraft, including a helicopter and a Gulfstream Jet, as well as several motorcycles. The scar! At 21, he was trying to put on his seatbelt while driving to work in Orange County, California. and drove into a lamp post. He had to stand beside the road for several hours before a car picked him up. He couldn't afford plastic surgery at the time, so it was never fixed. ...He is a grandfather Grandsons are  Eliel. and Ethan

He, and several other celebrities, have been banned from travelling in Tibet by China for their involvement with "Kundun", a movie written by his wife, Melissa Mathison, about the exiled religious leader Dalai Lama.

If Harry Ford had listened to the advice of studio heads early in his career, he would have remained a carpenter and never gone on to star in some of Hollywoods biggest films and become one of the industry's most bankable stars.

1993 MTV Movie Award: Best Onscreen Duo, The Fugitive
1994 Fugitive NATO: Box-Office Star of the Century;
2000.People's Choice Awards Favourite Motion Picture Actor
1999 People's Choice: All-Time Favourite actor M/ Picture
1998 People's Choice: Favourite Actor in a M/Picture
Academy Awards
1986 Nominated Best Actor for "Witness"
Golden Globes
1996 Nominated Best Actor in Comedy/Musical for "Sabrina"
1994Nominated Best Actor in Drama for "The Fugitive"
1987Nominated Best Actor in Drama for "The Mosquito Coast"
1986 Nominated Best Actor in Drama for "Witness"