Alien Races DS9

The Ferengi: race, a species who subscribe to the ideal, that greed and the acquisition of money are honourable achievements, these ideals are enshrined in the Rules if Acquisition a list of 285 rules, to guide them in the pursuit of profit. The surface of Feringar is damp and misty ,the architecture is impressive , and they have a high level of technology

Bajorans: For thousands of years the Bajorans where known as a peaceful people, on a planet that had abundant natural resources. The Cardasians offered assistance to the Bajorans, but over the next two decades it became apparent that the Cardasians where far from benign, and their presence on Bajor became increasingly oppressive . The Cardasians annexed Bajor, and forced the population to abandon their planet or remain in slavery

Trill: An environmental disaster led to the integration of two sentient species in a host-symbiotic relationship. leading to a formal selection process for the Joining. Once joined, Other than the line of small spots that reaches from the humanoid's forehead, down the sides of the neck, Trills look much like Terrans.