Richard Dean Anderson was born on January 23, 1950 in Minneapolis Minnesota. His father Stuart was an English and drama teacher. He has three brothers Jeffrey, Thomas and James.

His mother, Jocelyn is an artist, and sculpture. Richard grew up in Roseville. His first love was sport, and he enjoyed music, and acting.

Richard wanted to become a professional hockey player. However, in separate accidents, he broke both arms. At the age of sixteen, only weeks apart. As a result of these accidents, his dreams of playing professional hockey was out! 

He seemed restless and set out on adventures, hopping freight trains, hitchhiking, cycle trips through Canada and Alaska. This helped the young Richard to find himsel, and become more centred.

Richard went St Cloud State University. And the Ohio University, and studied drama. However he never completed his degree. Back in to travel. He went to New York City, San Francisco and finally Los Angeles.

He worked as a street mime and juggler, and sang.:)  He also worked at Marine land Pacific. Performing in the marine mammal shows. He appeared in plays at the Pilgrimage Live Theatre.

Richard became known international in 1976 as Dr. Jeff Webber. On the popular General Hospital series. He spent five years in this role. He appeared in two series for CBS. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in 1982. A Naval pilot in Emerald Point N.A.S. in 1983. And many guest appearances in other series.

His biggest break came in 1985 in the role as MacGyver, on ABC. This show ran for seven successful years. And continues to be enjoyed all around the world. Here in Australia it has always had a prime time spot and is very popular with young and old alike.

Richard made his TV movie debut in 1986 in Ordinary Heroes. Approaching the end of MacGyver. He took on a variety of roles. In 1992 he starred in the movie, Through the Eyes of a Killer. In this movie he plays a psychotic stalker.

And in the 1994 movie Beyond Betrayal an abusive husband. A bit different to MacGyver in these movies. Showing his great skill as an actor. June 1995 he made Past the Bleachers. for ABC.

When MacGyver came to an end. Richard and Michael Greenburg, signed a deal with Paramount Pictures.To develop and produce several films, and series, for their own production company Gekko Film Corp. They produced two MacGyver TV movies. In 1993  Lost Treasure of Atlantis. And in 1994 Trail to Doomsday. Both won critical acclaim.

Their next project for Gekko, was the series Legend in 1995. This was a light hearted mix of science fiction and a western. Following this series was Firehouse, this did not take off.

However in 1996, the NBC  mini -series. Pandora's Clock was warmly received. Richard followed this success by joining with MGM/UA and Showtime television.

In a joint deal with Gekko Film Corp. To make the star series Stargate SG-1. This was based on the 1994 movie. Stargate.  In February 1997, the show made its debut with outstanding ratings. Now into the fifth  year of production and is popular all over the world. Here in Australia it is on in Prime time. As was MacGyver. Richard is very popular here.

Richard is 1.9 metres tall. Seems to like Australian shepherd dogs. Loves to travel, music, the arts. His passions are hockey, motorcycles, skiing, baseball, sky diving, cycling, fast cars. Supports many charities and organizations. On the Board of Trustees for the Challengers Boys and Girls Club,

Make A Wish Foundation, has supported the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Center for the Prevention of Handgun Violence. Project Literacy US. and The Special Olympics. Richard's companion Apryl Prose, celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter, on 2nd August 1998. Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson, and now for the greatest adventure of them all. Fatherhood!

If you ever find the time to pop into my humble page, Richard I want you to know it has been a privilege knowing you as MacGyver and Jack O'Neill two great characters, two great shows, and a gentleman playing the roles.

Long Life and Happiness My friend.