Thousands of years ago. Aliens from distant planets. Kidnapped many humans from Earth. And took them to these distance worlds, using the Stargate. In the late twentieth century, this gate to other worlds, is now in the hands of USAF. The aliens now know that the Earth still exists.
Knowing of this threat the US military, use the gate at the Cheyenne Mountain Facility, sending teams of elite personnel through in the hope of finding allies and technologies to use against these aliens.

Richard Dean Anderson


Commanding Officer SG-1 Team. Assignment: Defend earth from possible hostile invasion. Explore new worlds and return with new technologies for study and further development.

Previous Service Special training: Covert Operations infiltration. Speciality Weapons and Tactics, Demolition Chemical Weapons, Field Specialist.

Michael Shanks


Civilian Anthropologist Unit SGC. Team Member SG-1 No previous military Service. Joined the SG-1 Team on a voluntary basis to study the cultures of other planets. He holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Linguistics, He lived for a time on Abydos. And married Sha're and native of Abydos.

Amanda Tapping


Active Duty Joint Forces Unit SGC. Assignment: to analyse and return materials, Analyse alien weapon technologies. For further development. She holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics and is a plasma particle physics expert. Current Assignment: Team Member SG-1

Christopher Judge


Jaffa, formerly of the elite Serpent Guard. Civilian Member Joint Forces Unit SGC. He served as the First Prime of the Goa'uld Apophis. But after aiding the SG-1 Team during their first mission to Chulak, he returned to Earth as a voluntary member of the SG-1 Exploration Team. He assists the team in research, reconnaissance and defence.

Don S. Davis


SGC Commanding Officer Cheyenne Mountain Facility. General Hammond's standing orders are to analyse the potential threat of alien races, defend Earth from possible hostile invasion, analyse and recover technologies for study and further development.

Teryl Rothery


DR. Fraiser is a physician and a surgeon assigned to the Stargate Command her task is to take care of injured members of the facility, and her expertise is called upon when viruses and the like come through the gate unannounced.

Peter Williams


Apophis a Goa'uld system lord, one of the chief rivals of Ra. Apophis continues to establish his former prestige and power. To fight Earth and seek out the defector Teal'c, his sworn enemies

Tony Amendola.


Bra'Tac Is a Jaffa, and a resident of Chulak. A former warrior of the Goa'uld. and was Teal'c's mentor. watches over Teal'c's family, and guides Teal'c's son Rya'c. He has lived for over 130 years. and works with the SG teams to free his people whenever he can. Took him a while to understand O'neill.