Leonard Horatio Edward McCoy born in 2227 in Georgia, Earth For Eight years he studied to be a doctor in the University of Mississippi. He joins Starfleet as a medical officer, and for several years he does research, and discovers many new medical techniques, that are required reading today in Starfleet medical training manuals. He went on survey missions to other planets like Cappella IV. where he stayed for many months. This knowledge comes in handy later on.

2266 McCoy is assigned The USS Enterprise NCC-1701, he replaces the retiring Dr. Mark Piper. At First he finds it difficult to work with his new commanding officer, Captain James T Kirk. his own opinions quite often found these two men at odds with each other. It takes a while but McCoy soon finds himself establishing a good working relationship with his captain. They become the closest of friends and have great respect for the others skills. For most of his career he is assisted by Nurse Chapel, they were great friends.  

2268 becomes seriously ill and only has a year to live, he asks Kirk to keep it secret, so he can continue his work on the Enterprise. He has to go on an away mission to Yonada a huge asteroid shaped Space craft. While there he meets a woman named Natira, she falls in love with McCoy and asks him to stay. He does stay with her hoping that in his last days he can find happiness. However in the medical bank on the ship Spock finds the cure for McCoy’s illness, and he realises he must leave Yonada and his Natira. He returns to the Enterprise.

At the end of the five year mission on The Enterprise McCoy retires and returns to Earth to set up a private practice. swearing never to return to Starfleet. 18 months go bye when Admiral Nogura drafts him back using a very seldom used reserve activation clause. He is once again posted to the Enterprise. In command is  Admiral Kirk and he begs McCoy to forgive him for being drafted but he needs him for the V'ger Crisis. When the crisis is over he decides to remain for another 5 year mission with Kirk on the Enterprise.

2285 McCoy is training a young crew that will be assigned to the Enterprise, with Captain Spock In command, when Khan Noonian Singh attack Regula 1. They head to the area and during a prolonged battle with Singh Spock is Killed. Before he enters the engine room filled with radiation, Spock swiftly mind melds leaving his Katra in McCoy’s mind .This makes it impossible for McCoy to function and he becomes very ill. Captain Kirk risk all, stealing a ship and returning to the "Genesis Planet" to bring back Spock's Body. This enables a full recovery to health and he is assigned to the new Enterprise NCC 1701A .

2293 While escorting a peace mission for the Klingon Empire, Chancellor  Gorkon's ship is attacked, McCoy and Kirk try to save Gorkon's life .The two of them are arrested and sentenced to life in prison in the Rura Penthe Mines. With help from Spock and The Enterprise they are rescued. Dr. McCoy goes on with his career into the next century, influencing the lives of The Next Generation of Starfleet. A highly decorated man, who influences the lives of many souls.




One of McCoy’s First problems on U.S.S. Enterprise NCC- 1701 the crew starts to act strangely. They lose their inhibitions and begin to behave as though they are intoxicated, McCoy discovers that they are being effected by a virus that alters their blood chemistry. Even though affected himself, McCoy this is one of many times he has to developed a cure in time to save the ships crew.


McCoy is part of an away team that is infected with a mysterious disease. He quarantines the landing party, and working without proper access to the ship's medical facilities, determines that the planet's population has been affected by a disease that slows down the aging process in children, but causes death to adults. He unwisely uses himself as a guinea pig, and develops an antitoxin that saves the lives of the children left on the planet.

Another time members of the Enterprise crew, including McCoy, are infected with a aging disease. Chekov  was unaffected and was the route the doctor used for his research, McCoy discovers that the effects of the disease, which is caused by an unusual form of radiation, can be reversed with adrenaline. Chekov was in the dark and stumbled upon a very old man lying dead it scared him and adrenalin rushed his body this gives McCoy the clue he needed.

Whilst on the Enterprise, Dr. McCoy develop cures for countless new diseases. Much of his work in deep space has been revolutionary, as McCoy has developed cures for unknown viruses and treated strange new life forms. Even the Enterprise's first officer, Mr. Spock presents the ship's doctor with several problems, but McCoy is up to the task. On Janus VI he encounters a silicon-based life form the Horta. The creature is wounded, and McCoy is forced to improvise a treatment, using thermo-concrete to repair a phaser wound.


Although the medical techniques of the 23rd century are more technical than those of the past, doctors still need a high level of training. Preparing medicines that can save lives is still a very precise science which requires a human touch. McCoy's most valuable tools is the hypo spray, and can be used in the field as well as in sickbay. When in the field, McCoy wears the standard collection of medical hardware, a medical tricorder and a hypo spray holster. The medical tricorder accepts readings from a medical hand scanner, but also contains a number of medical references. Often research has to be done on the spot. When Enterprise crew members go into the field, the doctor can inject them with a device inserted under the skin - which can be used to signal for immediate beam-up


Of course, Dr. McCoy is not always able to save the lives of his patients. Early in McCoy's career, his father, David, contracts a fatal disease. Unwilling to see him suffer dreadful pain, McCoy performs a mercy killing. He is shocked and overwhelmed with guilt and remorse. when a cure is discovered shortly afterward. He never forgives himself for this. McCoy does everything he can to save lives. When the Klingon Chancellor Gorkon is wounded in a vicious attack, McCoy volunteers to beam over to the Klingon ship even though he knows the dangers involved. He is unable to save Gorkon's life, but his actions in the end help to bring peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.



McCoy Is compassionate and understanding, but there is one crew member whom he refers to tease rather than treat: Science Officer Spock. As senior officers aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. McCoy and Spock are actively involved in almost every mission, and so spend much of their time together. Whenever Spock offers a course of action informed by his Vulcan intellect, McCoy never misses the opportunity to tease him for his cool perspective. He regularly makes comments regarding Spock's pointed ears and green blood, as though they are distasteful traits. Spock never appears riled or insulted by McCoy’s needling, and this annoys the doctor even more. The Vulcan however, gives as good as he gets, He is quick to remind McCoy of his human flaws.

Spock requests that Kirk and McCoy accompany him to meet his bride - something a Vulcan only asks of his closest and dearest friends. Spock later returns to the Enterprise believing he has killed Kirk in ritual combat, and is delighted to see his captain alive. McCoy cannot help but tease the Vulcan, claiming Spock was on the verge of an emotional outburst; Spock tries to label it logical relief, but the doctor knows better. The two officers are accidentally sent 5000 years into the planet Sarpeidon's icy past,  Zarabeth lives here in lonely exile. Spock's biology reverts to a more primitive and emotional Vulcan state, and he falls in love with Zarabeth and wants to remain with her. McCoy knows that Spock would want to return with him to the present if he were thinking logically, and struggles to save his colleague because friendship, as well as duty, demands it.

Beneath all the teasing, McCoy obviously considers Spock a close friend. Spock does not have the same emotional response, but he is as close to the doctor as a Vulcan would allow, literally trusting his friend with his life. In 2285, before he exposes his body to a lethal dose of radiation, Spock renders McCoy unconscious and mind melds with him to place his katra in the doctor's subconscious. When McCoy learns the truth, he pretends to be angry at Spock for making him think he was going mad. He does, however, endeavour to reunite the Vulcan with his katra at great risk to his own life. He concedes that he misses Spock. Once the Vulcan is returned to his old self, McCoy can afford to mock him again, but no one believes the doctor is ill-disposed toward Spock in any way. In fact, they suspect that the two are the best of friends; even if neither would ever admit it.

Leonard McCoy is a graduate of the University of Mississippi on Earth. He developed a number of valuable medical techniques. McCoy spends some time in Starfleet before joining the Enterprise. he spends several months on Capella IV as part of a survey team. Later McCoy is assigned to the Enterprise in 2266, replacing Dr. Mark Piper. In the first few months finds himself at odds with his commanding officer, Captain James Kirk. However, the two men soon work out their differences and become close friends.

Two years later McCoy discovers that he has a rare illness and only has a year to live. He asks Kirk to keep it a secret. Shortly after he is part of an away team which visits Yonada, a vast spaceship in the form of an asteroid. While there he meets Natira, who asks him to marry her. McCoy accepts Natira’s proposal and resigns his Starfleet commission, hoping that in his last days he can find happiness. Fortunately for McCoy, Spock finds medical knowledge banks on Yonada which contain a cure for his condition, Natira has to guide her people and McCoy has his work and he returns to full time service.

2269 The Enterprise completes its five year mission , McCoy retires from duty and sets up in private practice. He swears never return to Starfleet, but after only 18 months Admiral Nogura using a little known and seldom used reserve activation clause. McCoy is once again posted to the Enterprise, under the command of the now Admiral Kirk, who had personally requested that McCoy be assigned to him. He has a blazing row with Kirk for disturbing his life. but in the end just cant say no to his friend. His duty to deal with an emergency situation the V'Ger crisis. when this crisis is settled , he elects to join Kirk on another five year mission aboard the Enterprise,

In 2285, McCoy is working at Starfleet Academy: he takes part in training mission’s for new crew which is to be assigned to the Enterprise, now under Captain Spock's command. When Khan Noonien Singh attacks Regula 1, The Enterprise abandons its training cruise and heads to the station. During the mission, Khan attacks the Enterprise and Spock is killed while saving the ship. Before he dies, he mind-melds with McCoy and, without offering him any explanation, places his katra, or soul, in the doctor's mind.

This causes some problems for McCoy, who begins to behave erratically. He is unable to distinguish his own personality from Spock's, and is desperate to retrieve the Vulcan's body from the Genesis Planet, which has been declared off limits. McCoy's behaviour brings him to the attention of Starfleet Security and he is eventually arrested. The rest of the Enterprise's crew learn about McCoy's condition. And in violation of orders break McCoy out of a holding cell. They break every rule in the book to retrieve Spock's now regenerated body from the Genesis Planet.

When he returns to Earth, McCoy faces trial alongside his colleagues. However, Starfleet command dismisses all the charges against him, and, like his companions, he is assigned to a new ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A. McCoy spends the next seven years serving with distinction aboard this vessel. McCoy is due to retire with the Enterprise in 2293. But continues to serve in starfleet into the next century. He rises to the rank of Admiral and influences several members of the next generation of Starfleet officers. One of his friends is Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and in 2364, at the age of 137, McCoy comes aboard Picard's new ship; the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, to inspect the medical facilities. He spends most of the day aboard the vessel, before returning to the U.S.S Hood, typically avoiding the transporter.                                      


Escorted by Data," he pronounces it is a fine ship,

you look after her now and she will always bring you home"


Leonard  McCoy

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