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Terry Farrel Born in Cedar Rapids Iowa, 19th November 1963 Terry Farrell became a professional model at age 17 when she signed up with the Elite modeling agency in New York City. She moved to Los Angeles in 1984 and made her TV debut 1984 ABC series "Paper Doll's" One of her other co-stars on the show was Jonathan Frakes, befor he joined "The Next Generation" Production .

Terry made guest-appearances on "Family Ties" and "The Cosby Show". Other TV work included "Beverly Hills Madame" with Faye Dunaway. She didn't expect to land the DS9 part Two days later, Paramount was negotiating a contract with her agent, however, she still had not been given the role. Two more auditions later she had the role of "Dax" Terry Farrell was the final actor cast among the regular cast of DS9. Terry was reportedly one of the only actresses who was able to grasp the concept of the character.

Terry says that that being part of the ensemble cast of DS9 is like working in a theatre company of actors. We're so lucky because there aren't any ego problems. Everybody is very professional. I wasn't prepared for this. I think the fact we all get along gives and have this chemistry really makes the show work, as it has for the other two Star Trek casts."