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Born December 28, 1936. Birthplace: Robbins, Illinois Nichelle Nichols was discovered at the age of fifteen by the great Duke Ellington, performing a ballet for one of his musical suites. Later she became lead singer. Nichelle performed throughout North America and Europe. On January 9, 1992, Nichelle was awarded her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nichelle also toured her one woman show, "Reflections," a dramatic musical theatre piece in which she becomes twelve legendary female entertainers, utilizing her beautiful voice.

When Nichelle Nichols joined the crew Of the Star ship Enterprise as Lt. Uhura, Nichols' portrayal of the calm, competent Uhura it didn't just have an impact on sci-fi fans; when Nichols met Dr. Martin Luther King, he told her that Star Trek was one of the few TV programmes he allowed his children to watch.