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  Marina Sirtis was Born on the 29.3.1959: London, England, UK The dark eyed beauty was of Greek heritage She studied at the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama. Then launched her career with the Worthing Repertory theatre, she appeared in many classical dramas.

She has also appeared in musicals and at one time toured Europe in a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sirtis has extensive experience on British television ,among other things she did "One Last Chance", for the BBC. Her film debut was. The Wicked Lady opposite Faye Dunaway. She had a major role in the Charles Bronson's Death Wish III.

Sirtis is best known for playing the Telepathic Commander Deanna Troi on the Star Trek: The Next Generation series and in the feature films some of her best work was done in this role ,she has said that taking off the latex and putting on the uniform helped to develop the character, also she felt that the show had at least two more seasons, in it when it was dropped .