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Jackson DeForest Kelley was born 20th January 1920 in Atlanta, Georgia The son of Clara Casey Kelley and Rev.Ernest D. Kelley, a Baptist minister. DeForest discovered that he enjoyed singing . Eventually this led to solos and later performing on radio station WSB in Atlanta.

He was tested For "This Gun for Hire" . Unfortunately, it went to Alan Ladd and DeForest went back to the Theatre Group. In 1942, DeForest appeared in "The Innocent Young Man" with the Long Beach Theatre Group. His co-star was a blonde, blue-eyed beauty(and wife to be one day) named Carolyn Dowling.

For nine years DeForest primarily played heavies and found them interesting and challenging. He built up an impressive list of credits, alternating between television and motion pictures. Afraid of being type-cast. This led to "Star Trek" and the unforgettable role of Dr. Leonard McCoy.

DeForest said that Star Trek was "Moments" many wonderfull moments and I agree with this too,and generations to come will still be saying "He's dead Jim"

20th January 1920-11th June 1999